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When the “Let’s connect you to a network” screen appears, click the I don’t have internetlink. Windows 11 is a new operating system and there are bound to be some bugs. However, Microsoft has been doing a good job of fixing them quickly. Overall, I don’t think there are any major problems with Windows 11. Unlike Windows 10 which nested all the settings in multiple levels, Windows 11 put it all on one screen so you can see what you want to change at a glance.

Landscape – This will flip your screen upside down so that the top edge of the monitor is now the bottom driver solution. Portrait – This will rotate the display 90° to the right so that the right edge of the monitor is now the bottom of the display. PressStartand click the settings cog above the power button to open the Settings app. Press the Start button, then click the settings cog above the power button.

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Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for all Windows 10 users. Apparently, Microsoft stated there won’t be a time limit on upgrading, giving you ample time to get the new OS. For those that are unaware, Windows 11 is going to be a free update for everyone currently on Windows 10. When the time arrives, you will need to go online to download, install, and then activate the home version of Windows 11.

There’s no one answer to this question, and it can be frustrating for Windows users long term. Consider how many people work from home — it’s expected that 40% of employees will continue remote work. With Smart assistants becoming an integral part of digital mobile ecosystems such as Android, iOS it is very disheartening to not see Cortana being an integral part of Windows 11 ecosystem.

  • As you might expect, Windows 11’s system requirements are a slight step up from Windows 10’s.
  • Note that this install process may vary based on when you install and what version.
  • For beginners who are new to Linux, most recommend Linux Mint, Pop!

So, if you think the third-party emulators will be irrelevant, that’s not correct. The Android app support is yet to be available as an entire release. However, according to the various sources, it will be within the next few weeks.

Use snipping tool with shortcut key

Windows 11 adds new features like Auto HDR,which uses AI to provide automatic HDR to games that lack it, boosting brightness, contrast, and visible detail. Xbox Game Pass for PC, which offers hundreds of titles for US $9.99 per month, finally provides a reason to use Windows’ bundled Xbox app. For most users, the biggest potential stumbling block will be the security requirements. These even exclude some newer machines, no matter their performance level.

For tablets, Microsoft has aimed to improve the experience for touch, with more space between icons on the Taskbar, and support for gestures. Windows 11 also adds haptics to your digital pen, so you can hear and feel vibrations as you use it for taking notes or drawing. Finally, the OS introduces voice typing and commands across the system. It allows you to toggle between multiple desktops at once for personal, work, school or gaming. In Windows 10, this feature was harder to set up and use.

The biggest controversy surrounding Windows 11 in the run-up to release was whether you’ll even be able to install it on systems currently running Windows 10. Overall, if you are used to Windows 10, this new upgrade should not hinder your experience with anything unfamiliar or unexpected. As I said, the update is more about design than function.

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